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Why Choose Sundeck Solutions Inc. For Your Vinyl Decking In Calgary

Sundeck Solutions Inc. is a family-owned business and an industry leader in designing and building maintenance-free decks for residential and commercial applications in Calgary. We got our start with vinyl decking.

Since 2005, Vinyl Decking has been the foundation of our business.

We specialize in using DekSmart Products to create waterproof decks, flat roofs, and balconies that will

last for many years. We pride ourselves on building solid relationships with our clients to ensure that the service provided and the finished project meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations. Choose our vinyl deck coverings for your absolute peace of mind.

If you need vinyl deck installation or repairs in Calgary, Sundeck Solutions is ready to address your needs.

Vinyl Decking In Calgary

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What Sundeck Solutions Offers

Did you know that by law, contractors in Alberta need to have a Prepaid Contractors Licence to accept deposits?
We are proud to be fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Our installers are also fully covered by the Workers Compensation Board (WCB), and we have been proud members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with an A+ rating since 2007.

Our business has continued to grow year after year, and the most critical reason for this success is the ongoing referrals we continue to get from satisfied clients. We would welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs and help you design a maintenance-free deck that you will be proud of and enjoy for years to come.

Please call us for your vinyl decking needs. You’ll be pleased with the results, and we’d love to have you as a valued customer.

Deksmart Vinyl Deck Covering: Product Overview

Deksmart has been in the vinyl decking business since 1992. It offers a durable, maintenance-free, easy-to-clean, stylish finish, suitable for decks in Calgary. Installing a waterproof DekSmart membrane on your deck will keep the space below dry for living space or storage. Even if you aren’t looking for a waterproof deck, vinyl is still a good option. It does not require sanding, painting, staining, or water sealing. Maintenance is as simple as an annual wash with soap and water.

Deksmart Vinyl

Vinyl Decking Advantages

Deksmart vinyl membranes are manufactured with antifungal agents, U.V. inhibitors and fire retardants. This enables it to stand up to the harshest of Canadian and North American climates.



Deksmart vinyl deck membranes are totally waterproof. They are a single piece of high-performance PVC membrane that protects the substructure of the deck and any living space below. A vinyl deck covering over wood protects against the harshness of weather and humidity.

Slip Proof

Slip Proof

Deksmart vinyl deck membranes are produced with an aggressive embossing texture designed to meet Canadian slip resistance requirements, ensuring they’re safe to use in your home.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Unlike many decking products, Deksmart vinyl deck systems require very little maintenance to keep the product looking like new. Annual spring, summer, and fall cleanings are all it takes to keep your Deksmart vinyl deck in pristine condition.

Splinter Proof

Splinter Proof

There’s no need to worry about splinters in your children’s or pet’s feet, as no wood is used during the manufacturing process of Deksmart vinyl deck membranes, which keeps the product safe to walk on.

Deksmart has been in the waterproofing industry for over 20 years.

We’re Proud Of Our Workmanship.

Our installers are certified DekSmart installers in Calgary and will install your vinyl to ensure your deck or balcony is adequately waterproofed.

To do this, we will:

  1. Make sure the deck has a proper slope so the water will drain off, or supply a drain or scupper as needed.
  2. Ensure the surface is suitable for vinyl installation using the recommended ¾” T&G Select. Plywood, glued and screwed. Plywood seams will be filled and sanded for a smooth surface.
  3. If the deck is covered with existing vinyl, we will remove the old vinyl, ensure the sheeting is sound, and apply a new vinyl Sundeck covering.
  4. Run the vinyl a minimum of 6” up the wall behind the building paper. If you have siding or stucco that does not allow the vinyl to run up the wall, we will remove the siding/stucco, apply the vinyl, and then re-install the siding or stucco.
  5. Heat-weld the vinyl seams and install flashing at the house and the deck’s edge.


All of our 68mil DekSmart vinyl comes with a 15-Year Product warranty, and we are proud to offer an industry-leading 10-Year Warranty on all vinyl installations. DekSmart Vinyl is engineered and certified to meet CCMC (Evaluation report 13534-R) and CGSB(PRI-CMT Project No.: DKSM-001-02-01) roofing standards for polyvinyl chloride membranes. This means the DekSmart vinyl membrane meets or exceeds the building code. We also ensure that all our products are installed according to Building Envelope Code requirements and best practices.

DekSmart Vinyl Product

Client Testimonial

Need a Worry-free Vinyl Decking Experience in Calgary? Call Sundeck Solutions Today!
Deksmart vinyl decking is a polyvinyl chloride sheet flooring system designed to waterproof your sundeck or balcony. It is commonly known as vinyl decking, vinyl membrane, or Duradek.

Sundeck Solutions Inc. has been installing Deksmart Products in Calgary since its start in 2005, and the owner, Marc, worked installing DekSmart vinyl before he started Sundeck Solutions. We are confident in the product and the quality of the company. DekSmart is an industry leader in waterproof vinyl decking across North America and continues to create better products to help serve our customers.

DekSmart vinyl decking can be used across many applications, from single-home sundecks to new construction, multi-unit high-rises, and everything in between. It is a popular choice for homeowners, contractors, and architects. Essentially, anyone who is looking for long-term waterproofing solutions for their decks in Calgary.
All Deksmart vinyl is extremely low-to-no-maintenance, only requiring cleaning with a mild soap solution with warm water and a stiff bristled broom to loosen any dirt on the surface. Then, rinse the surface clean with a garden hose.
We install 68mil Deksmart products, which are covered by a 15-year limited product warranty and an industry-leading 10-year installation warranty. You can rest easy knowing we stand behind the product and our workmanship.
A Deksmart surfaced deck can last 15-25 years, depending on the location and care of the deck.
Yes! Deksmart vinyl products are tested at temperatures ranging from -40° to 80° Celsius to ensure the product can be installed problem-free anywhere in Canada and North America.
YES–Using a plastic snow shovel or stiff broom, you can easily remove snow from a vinyl deck surface.