Dock Installation Done Right in Calgary

If your lakefront property needs a new dock or your existing dock needs to be replaced, Sundeck Solutions has the experience and expertise you are looking for. With over 17 years in business, building both docks and decks, we have had the chance to work with great customers in creating maintenance-free docks capable of lasting in the Alberta climate.

Choose From Cost-Effective and Longer-Lasting Dock Options

The two main dock options we offer are ‘Floating’ and ‘Fixed’ docks.
Floating Aluminum Docks Calgary

Floating Docks

Floating docks are most commonly used in Calgary’s Lake Communities, as no permanent posts are required. The floating dock can be built using a wood or aluminum frame and is finished using Composite Decking materials that are rated for water contact. These docks are built onto premium floats, keeping the frame above the water.

Fixed Docks Option

Fixed Docks Option

The fixed docks require a permanent support post, typically screw piles, to be installed into the lakebed. This dock option cannot be installed on any lakes that were constructed using a lake liner system, only natural lakes. Fixed docks can also have either wood or aluminum frames and are finished with Composite Decking materials rated for water contact.

If you would like to discuss your dock options further, please contact us for more information and options.

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As we custom-build our docks, we can build the docks, gangways and ramps in various sizes. However, different lake communities in Calgary and surrounding areas have restrictions on dock sizes. Our team at Sundeck Solutions would be happy to help you determine the size of the dock that would best fit your needs, all while following any Community Association requirements.

We construct our aluminum and custom docks in-house at our shop in Calgary. Depending on the overall size and weight of the dock and or gangways, we may also install the decking off-site. The assembled dock is then transported to the lake and floated into place or moved into place using commercial dollies. This minimizes our time on site, allowing for a quicker turnaround from your existing dock to your new Sundeck Solutions dock.
As we typically build our docks off-site at our shop, we can construct docks for clients all year round. We can even build docks over the winter and have them ready to install in the early spring. Many of our clients like this option as it allows them the entire season to enjoy their new dock.
Yes, Sundeck Solutions offers dock demolition services to make room for your new dock. This is only offered in addition to new dock purchases, not as a stand-alone service.
We have multiple lighting options available; as In-Lite stocking dealers, we can offer a wide range of low-voltage lighting options for your decks, docks, and all outdoor lighting needs.