Efficient Process Of Your Calgary Deck Builders

At Sundeck Solutions Inc., we aim to provide a quality product and worry-free experience. In order to keep the process as professional and smooth as possible, we will stay in communication with you from the initial deck consultation to the walk-through of your finished project. Taking on a construction project shouldn’t significantly impact the homeowner’s life, so we work to keep the process free from worry and ensure that any interruptions to your time and space are limited.


Our consultation starts with you. You’ve been looking at ideas online. It could be a friend’s deck that got you thinking.

We look forward to hearing about your ideas and how you plan on using your outdoor space.

With our many years of combined deck-building experience, we can help you make your ideas a reality. We can offer a wide variety of building and finishing options and guide you in choosing the best ones for your project. Our goal is to make your deck experience pleasant. After all, you are building a place to relax and enjoy.


During the initial deck consultation, we will also discuss budgets for the project. Once you have given us some insight into your deck project and the materials you prefer, we can give you an idea of the investment necessary to complete your project. We want to ensure we are working in a comfortable investment range for you before moving forward with the design process.

Why do we ask you for a budget?

Determining a budget is critical to achieving a successful project. It reduces stress and ensures that we work with an investment amount you are comfortable with. Clients often worry that providing a budget will allow the contractor to take advantage of them by overcharging. However, with a reputable contractor, it’s quite the opposite. Your budget tells us what you are comfortable spending, and our job is to work within it to make your dream come true. Once you receive the deck design and pricing proposal, you can decide if you wish to use the entire budget, scale back, or add to your investment.

Design - Deck Construction

Deck Design & 3D Visualization

At Sundeck Solutions Inc., once we have discussed your project, ideas, investment range and materials, we provide a 3D design that lets you have a complete visual of your project before the construction phase.

From concept to creation, we can visually guide you through your project. Want to make changes? Not a problem. We can show you alternative designs or make changes to the deck design until we get it perfect.


After we have finalized the design, materials and project costs, the next step is to have you sign off on the scope of work. At this point, we will discuss any special needs you may have during the construction process. We will note any timeline requirements we need to meet if you plan a special event. We will also discuss site access and parking, as well as material storage needs, landscaping requirements, and the movement of any existing outdoor furniture. If you have any other questions or concerns before your project starts, we can also discuss those.


Once we have completed the design and you have signed off on the contract for your project, we will have our draftsman provide the engineered, stamped construction drawings needed to obtain the necessary permits.


Once all the details are taken care of, the building materials will be moved into place, and the construction can begin. Nolan will introduce you to our crew and take the time to answer any questions you may have before and during construction. At the end of each day, the worksite will be left tidy. Upon completion of your deck, all excess materials and debris will be removed and disposed of. Your space is complete, and you are ready to start building memories!

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