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Until recently, the high-end finish of a tile deck was out of our reach. Due to the extreme weather variations in Alberta, traditional tile decks were prone to failing. Temperatures swing from -25 to +25, causing movement in the sub-structure and the mortars that hold down conventional tile systems in Calgary decks. This, in turn, causes the tiles to break and/or loosen, allowing water to enter under the remaining tiles and cause further damage.

We Have a Tile Deck Solution that is Right for Calgary

Fortunately, with advances in manufacturing porcelain tiles and a pedestal installation system, we can now offer the high-end finish of tile on exterior decks that will hold up to our Alberta climate.
Pedestal Title Systems For Calgary Decks

Pedestal Title Systems are Great for Calgary Decks

These pedestal tile systems are typically installed over a waterproof membrane. It is an excellent option for rooftop patios, balconies, walkout decks, and more. We use a self-levelling pedestal system, allowing the tile to be installed as a level surface even when installed onto a sloped structure. Installing the tile on pedestals also allows cables and pipes to be run between the deck and the underside of the tile (Refer to Building Code) for a clean, high-end finish.

Spend Minimum On Your Deck Tile Repairs

Repairs to the Pedestal Tile Decking System are Simple and Cost-Effective

Another great advantage to this pedestal tile decking system is the ease with which we can make unforeseen changes and repairs. In the past, with concrete and conventional tile decks, it was a massive undertaking to complete the repair if the waterproofing ever failed. The existing tile would need to be removed entirely to troubleshoot the issue, a repair to the membrane would be completed, and then the concrete or conventional tile would need to be re-installed. With this pedestal system that we installed, it is a much simpler fix. Tiles would just be lifted off the pedestals. We can troubleshoot the issue, complete the needed repair, and then reinstall the existing pedestals and tiles.

Ask us About our Pedestal Tile Decking Options

If pedestal tile decking is something you would like to explore further, please contact us for more information and options. Also, please look at some of the tile decks we have completed in our gallery.

We are the one-stop shop for all your Calgary decking needs. Choose from our many services: deck lighting, docks, deck construction, vinyl decking, and get the ultimate peace of mind.

We are the one-stop shop for all your Calgary decking needs. Choose from our many services; (deck lighting, docks, deck construction, vinyl decking) and get the ultimate peace of mind.

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There are different size options available for the 20mm tiles. The most commonly available option is the 24”x24” sized tiles, but there are multiple options, such as 16”x48” – 24”x36” – 32”x32”. However, using the large or rectangular format tiles increases the labour and pedestals needed for the installations.
Different finishes are available for exterior 20mm deck tiles as with interior tiles. All the 20mm tiles we offer have an excellent traction rating suitable decks in Calgary, and can be sampled before making final selections if needed.
This tile decking system installs the tiles onto adjustable self-leveling pedestals. The pedestals come with spacer tabs (2mm & 4mm) built in; this creates a false grout line for the water to run between each tile. The tile and pedestal systems are installed onto decks and/or balconies with a waterproof membrane. The water will then run to a drain point in the deck or can run out to an eavestrough.
This would depend on several factors, but we typically install the tiles level. Most of our clients like the tile as a continuation of their interior. This is better achieved when the tile is installed level. The option to install sloped tiles can only be done when there is only a single slope direction on the deck or balcony structure. If you are still determining which option would be best for your project, our team would be more than happy to discuss the benefits of either option with you.