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Making your outdoor space unique, modern, and elegant has never been so easy.
We are the Name You Can Trust for Deck Lighting Needs in Calgary

We are the Name You Can Trust for Deck Lighting Needs in Calgary

Sundeck Solutions Inc. has been proud to be a Stocking Retailer and Installer of In-Lite Outdoor Lighting in Calgary since 2018.

This outdoor lighting system is made of high-quality materials and is highly flexible, energy-efficient, and easy to use. With a low-voltage, plug-and-play system, In-Lite is safe and easy to install, even for DIY-ers.

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Authorized Retailers and Installers Of In-Lite Outdoor Lighting

For over 20 years, In-Lite has been refining its system to be as intuitive as possible. This ease of use has made it easy to create a lighting experience that brings the style and function of your new deck or outdoor living space to new levels.

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Your imagination only limits the magic of In-Lite. With a wide selection of wall and surface-mounted lights, as well as riser lights, ground lights, bollards and spotlights, and accessories like motion detectors and SMART products you can control from your phone, we can light up your deck and create an outdoor lighting experience that is unique to you.

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If you are looking for outdoor lighting solutions, contact us, and we can arrange to provide a complete In-Lite Catalogue or an In-Lite Package Consultation.

You can also see some of our In-Lite projects in our Gallery.

We also provide other Calgary decking services like deck construction, vinyl decking and aluminum railings. Check our services pages for more information.

Yes, we supply and install one of the best lighting systems available in Calgary – In-Lite Outdoor Lighting. This system will let you bring your outdoor space to life with unique, flexible and easy-to-install lighting solutions for your deck, stairs, docks, and pathways. It is very user-friendly, and we can supply and install the system for you or sell it to you as a DIY project.
In-Lite is a company based in the Netherlands that develops, manufactures and sells leading LED outdoor lighting. The In-Lite system is a low-voltage, safe and easy-to-install outdoor lighting system. With plug-and-play fixtures and direct burial cables, the system is flexible and straightforward to add to any outdoor project. We are proud to be an In-Lite Retailer in Calgary.
No, installing in-lite requires no technical or electrical background or knowledge. The system is considered to be “Plug-and-Play.”
You can set your transformer to the manual and turn it on and off on your own, or you can use the light sensor built into the in-lite transformer to switch the lighting on as it gets dark automatically. You can control your deck lights using the In-Lite app if you have a SMART HUB-150.

Yes. In-Lite has two motion detectors.

  • A wired motion detector called MOVE for HUB-50 and HUB-100 detects up to 10 meters and is adjustable for 1, 3 or 9 minutes.
  • A SMART MOVE wireless SMART motion detector uses a SMART HUB-150 and uses Bluetooth connectivity and solar power. It is adjustable using the In-Lite app.
Yes. All in-lite transformers and fixtures carry a comprehensive 5-year warranty.